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February 22, 2008


Vadim Nekhai

Splendid inteview.
The best thoughts I've heard about test automation.


This content is really good. It was well written and quick to the point so you didn't waste a bunch of time if something didn't interest you.


Great interview. I think interactive automated testing is definitely the next big thing in testing.

I'd love to see more articles about specific tools and techniques that testers can use to find better bugs.

Pradeep Soundararajan

Thanks for the interview TESTCOMMON and many thanks to Kohl. This is certainly going to help the community to better it's idea on (Interactive) Automated Testing.

Wow! I live in a craft that has thinkers like Kohl and hence I feel safe.


Good thoughts and lots of things to learn.

Abhijeet Tadlimbekar

Excellent Interview !!

Every test manager who takes decision about introducing Automation Tool must read this once.

I personally experencing that after giving one or two week training on automation tool,how top management expect to reduce the cost in the terms of manpower.

Only wise manager would think about finding GOLDEN MEAN of automation and manual testing.


Ranjith K

Excellent ! Good one.

I appreciate the way he think of coming up with new ideas besides automation tools, one should develop test utilities based on product we are workiing, this way we can get the required resources, developing own test framework and tools, best way to fit the beast into the herd with this kind of interactive system.
A cohesive test team with a mixture of manual and automation.

- Ranjith


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